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14 giugno 2018

Sport Marketing and media in Portugal for the FIFA World Cup 2018

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Last Saturday (9th June), at 11 am, left Lisbon, the plane carrying the Portuguese delegation towards Russia, where the national team, in day 15th June in Sochi, facing the Spanish team into the unprecedented Cup title of the FIFA World Cup. The last best campaign that the selection did, was in 2006, when it was eliminated by France in the semi-finals and lost the one of the third place to Germany, host of the world, thus, being in 4th place.

The fans are hopeful with the national team, more than in Euro 2016, when they would never bet that the title would come, in an unprecedented and as dramatic, as it was. Everyone knows Portugal is not a favorite, but it is a strong candidate to win the coveted trophy, for having a good set and not just Cristiano Ronaldo and 10 more players. At Euro Cup 2004, held in Portuguese territory, the then coach Luso-Brazilian, Luiz Felipe Scolari, campaigned for the fans, supported the national team as a whole and not just the players of his heart clubs. So, today is seen in the streets and windows, all over the country, patriotic supports the selection. Not for nothing, the Portuguese Football Federation, makes available on its website, a " fan guide "for those who go to Russia, helping them to have a good experience during the World Cup.
Sponsors of the selection, Supermarkets CONTINENT, SAGRES and NOVO BANCO invested, albeit timidly, in campaigns to sensitize the public to support and encourage team Cristiano Ronaldo towards the title. The CONTINENT, for example, says it continues "WITH WIN HUNGER" the SAGRES brewery says "For Portugal repeated the ritual," referring to the superstitions of the fans, which, at Euro 2016 were successful because they do not repeat them now, for, this time, the selection bring the world title. These and other sponsors, viz., also in campaigns that distribute kits with shirts and scarves with the colors of the national team for the fans to use during the games. GALP, a power supplier for the whole portuguese territory, a sponsor of the FPF, makes promotions for the brand's consumer to exchange experiences with the selection, as well as trips to Russia to watch the final match of the tournament, for example. NIKE, a sporting goods supplier, launched a new line of uniforms for the national team, but did not do any specific campaign for the Lusitanian market, as it did, for example, for the Brazilian.
As for the transmission of games for Portugal, the open broadcaster RTP, the main owner of TV and radio rights, transmit the entire tournament and SIC, which acquired the rights from RTP transmit only 8 games, 7 in phase groups and only 1 of the Portuguese team, who will face Morocco on 20th June  and the 8th match that the channel will broadcast will be in the last 16. Already on pay - TV channels, the SPORTV broadcaster will broadcast all the games of the tournament.

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