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8 maggio 2018

The Football and Marketing situation in Portugal.

Oggi apriamo al contributo Duio Garzaro che ci illustra la situazione del calcio portoghese.
Un grazie a lui per il contributo!

On these weekend was disputeded the route number 32 of the "Liga NOS" 17-18 and FC Porto's practically the national championship if win or tie on the next match and Benfica lose to Sporting.

Unfortunately, the headlines of the main newspapers in the country, do not concern who will be the champion team of this season but the corruption scandals that involve directors of Benfica, Sporting and Porto. Scandals that increasingly stain the images of the main clubs in the country and how the performance of the athletes and their respective teams are matters that are left for the fans to discuss among themselves in the streets and bars of the country.
For us sports marketing professionals, it is a bad moment to work in Portugal. In addition to these scandals, it is not usual for clubs and the Portuguese Football Federation to do marketing actions to captivate their target audience, which justifies low ticket sales during all national league.
I see that despite this terrible scenario, with a lot of work, in the long run, we can change the whole situation and Portuguese football can have a competitive league and become an interesting product for the costumers and the leaders.

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